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Kanata Granite – the obvious choice.

Better known in Ottawa as the Ottawa Granite Guy, the owner Vasile delivers real value to your home. Making him your supplier of choice, you are getting the best bang for your buck plus a whole lot more: quality workmanship, reliability, a local craftsman who stands behind his product. Here you are not paying for a fancy showroom, as a matter of fact, his little shack is anything but fancy, instead you are getting a quality product at an unbelievable price, starting at only  $50 per square foot – installed, finished with rounded edges, cutouts and all, and installed – a real bargain. His workmanship is second to none. Most of his granite kitchen counters come with a FREE under-mount stainless steel sink, and his bathroom vanity counters sold at the same price include the rounded edges, sink and faucet cutouts, and certainly, the installation.

The color selection will accommodate the most discriminating taste and imagination while Vasile’s creative vision will implement a design that will best compliment your existing décor. That is what made him a supplier of choice for many local cabinet makers who use his product to give the kitchens they provide the stunning finishing touch.

For anyone looking to save money while ensuring the quality product which you will be proud to display before your family and friends – Kanata Granite is an obvious choice. Will it be yours?

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