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Ottawa Granite Expert Tells You How To Care For Your New Granite Countertop

Recommendations from the Ottawa Granite guy

Even though granite is very durable and easy to maintain, Ottawa Granite Guy Vasile, owner of Kanata Granite,has a few tips to help you prolong the life span of your granite surfaces.

It is well known that granite is the ideal material for working surfaces in the kitchen and in the bathroom because it is very rigid, durable and natural.Granite surfaces are moisture resistant, resistant to stains and mechanical damage. To clean a granite surface it is often sufficient just to wipe it. It’s that simple!

However, Ottawa Granite Guy Vasile warns that you must not use abrasive materials when cleaning your granite surfaces. This would include metal brushes and synthetic cleaners containing chlorine or other alkali. In order to clean the granite surfaces Kanata Granite expert recommends the use of soapy water, which should be washed off with a warm water and wiped with soft cloth.

Another tip:  You should immediately clean the granite surface if there was a spill on it.Ottawa Granite specialist, Vasile,warns that the biggest damage to the granite surface can be caused by alkali solutions as well as high acid containing liquids, such as lemon juice or vinegar. As well, such things as hot oil, paint removers, vine, various synthetic cleaners and liquids containing acetone and similar cleaners are also harmful to your granite surface.

He recommend the use of special coasters when serving wine or juice.Your countertop stay protected and there is nothing more elegant than a bottle of wine resting in a decorative coaster on your brand new granite countertop!

The Ottawa Granite Guy does not recommend that you place hot objects on your granite surfaces. You should use special trivets or heat absorbing coasters when putting hot ceramics or metal on the granite in order to avoid any damage. When preparing food it is wise to use cutting boards. He also does not recommend that you stand or place sharp objects or anything heavy on the work surfaces. This way you can to avoid cracks or chips in your granite.

A final tip: Seal your granite surface upon installation and then at least once a year. Vasile, the Ottawa Granite Guy, includes a free bottle of sealer with your new granite countertop to help you get started. With just a few preventative measures and swift attention to slips and spills your new granite countertop will be a source of pride and joy for many, many years and enhance the value of your property when the time comes to sell.

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