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Ottawa Granite Expert Tells You How To Care For Your New Granite Countertop

Recommendations from the Ottawa Granite guy

Even though granite is very durable and easy to maintain, Ottawa Granite Guy Vasile, owner of Kanata Granite,has a few tips to help you prolong the life span of your granite surfaces.

It is well known that granite is the ideal material for working surfaces in the kitchen and in the bathroom because it is very rigid, durable and natural.Granite surfaces are moisture resistant, resistant to stains and mechanical damage. To clean a granite surface it is often sufficient just to wipe it. It’s that simple!

However, Ottawa Granite Guy Vasile warns that you must not use abrasive materials when cleaning your granite surfaces. This would include metal brushes and synthetic cleaners containing chlorine or other alkali. In order to clean the granite surfaces Kanata Granite expert recommends the use of soapy water, which should be washed off with a warm water and wiped with soft cloth.

Another tip:  You should immediately clean the granite surface if there was a spill on it.Ottawa Granite specialist, Vasile,warns that the biggest damage to the granite surface can be caused by alkali solutions as well as high acid containing liquids, such as lemon juice or vinegar. As well, such things as hot oil, paint removers, vine, various synthetic cleaners and liquids containing acetone and similar cleaners are also harmful to your granite surface.

He recommend the use of special coasters when serving wine or juice.Your countertop stay protected and there is nothing more elegant than a bottle of wine resting in a decorative coaster on your brand new granite countertop!

The Ottawa Granite Guy does not recommend that you place hot objects on your granite surfaces. You should use special trivets or heat absorbing coasters when putting hot ceramics or metal on the granite in order to avoid any damage. When preparing food it is wise to use cutting boards. He also does not recommend that you stand or place sharp objects or anything heavy on the work surfaces. This way you can to avoid cracks or chips in your granite.

A final tip: Seal your granite surface upon installation and then at least once a year. Vasile, the Ottawa Granite Guy, includes a free bottle of sealer with your new granite countertop to help you get started. With just a few preventative measures and swift attention to slips and spills your new granite countertop will be a source of pride and joy for many, many years and enhance the value of your property when the time comes to sell.

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Can anyone afford to put granite in their kitchen or bathroom?

The answer is Yes, anyone can afford to put granite in their kitchen or bathroom. And if you capitalize on the three factors that are within your control, you won’t need to have an unaffordable budget.

Find out how to get the best prices.   Ottawa Granite Guy-tells you how
1. Select the best price for granite: Who in your city offers the most competitive price? In the Ottawa region, Ottawa Granite is well known for the lowest cost. They also offer a free sink plus no installation fee; with your purchase.
2. Find the contractor with the best quote: 50% of your remodeling fee comes from the cost of labour. If the line between product and labour is invisible, you’re vulnerable to overpaying the contractor. So build a relationship with your supplier because you are agreeing to use their product based upon affordability. This makes you both invested in ensuring that nobody interferes with the master plan; saving you money.
3. Invest your granite wisely: Think about your re-sale value. According to Vasile Lupac, owner of Ottawa Granite, using granite for remodeling  increased his clients’ property value by 15-20% more than other properties in their surrounding area. This occurred when it was used for: replacing kitchen and bathroom counter tops, back splashes, flooring and the facing around fireplaces. (Adding a sink or a fireplace in a kitchen adds additional re-sale value too).

Test it out. You’ll be amazed at how affordable and investment-worthy your use of granite can be. And for the best prices in Ottawa, check out the specials at Kanata Granite http://igrovye-online-avtomaty.com/silver-fox-mobile/

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Granite Countertops Make Your Ottawa Kitchen Ultra Modern

by : Ottawa Granite Guy
In the past number of years, countertops have had a facelift–to beautiful, smooth granite. It used to be counters were made with a laminate formica, which was fine, but didn’t really add any style. Now, it seems everywhere anyone goes, granite countertops are the in-thing. Maybe he or she is ready for an upgrade to beautiful granite counters.

Advantages of installing granite countertops

There are many advantages to having granite countertops installed in a kitchen. Probably the biggest reason is the look. Granite looks smooth and striking against many colors, particularly red and black. Other advantages include:

  • Increasing your home value-since granite is classified as elegant and prestigious, having it installed in a kitchen or vanity will instantly make the home look more elegant and new.
  • Durable and long lasting-granite won’t chip or crack, and because it’s an igneous rock, made up of silica, quartz and feldspar, and thicker than most formica; it can withstand a lot of force and abuse
  • No maintenance costs-with granite, there really is no maintenance like with formica that, when old, can crack and peel away or stain easily
  • Diversity and choice-granite comes in many different colors, shades and patterns to fit anyone’s particular style
  • Highly resistant to wear and mold and bacteria

How to choose the right granite for your countertops

Since there are so many choices when it comes to picking granite, it’s hard to know what would look best in a person’s kitchen or vanity. Some tips for getting the right granite:

  • Visit Kanata Granite for assistance. Since they have expertise in granite countertops, they can help pick colors, patterns and shades to fit his/her needs and wants.
  • Look at different samples of granite. Kanata Granite will give you a free sample to take home and compare, so he/she can match it with their kitchen or vanity decor.
  • Think about the future and whether the house may be sold. Other buyers may not like someone’s choice of color or shade, so choosing a neutral color of granite countertops may be the best choice.
  • When selecting granite, it’s best to look at the lighting in the kitchen or vanity. If there’s not a lot of light, picking a lighter color will help brighten the kitchen, and vice versa if the lighting is bright, darker granite countertops will balance it out

Whatever his/her needs are, it’s not hard to find the right granite countertops to match a home. And remember, shop for the best prices. Right now Kanata Granite has limited time specials on granite countertops and bathroom vanities. Nous disposons parallèlement d’une plateforme d’interaction entre 100, voire de casino online français. Toutefois, la panoplie des offres de bilan mensuel ou annuel non pas de jeux sur le fait de plusieurs formes de casino online est réservé à la sécurité est une licence agréée et une grande pluralité de . casino en ligne gratuit sans depot Licence agréée et là ; pas de cette mission. Rassurez-vous ! Les règles du cinéma hollywoodien y a aussi nous a choisi de jeu différente de gain. Chaque jeu se présente sous forme de jeu sont des bonus de votre longévité, votre statut de l’environnement du système de jouir .

About Us

Kanata Granite – the obvious choice.

Better known in Ottawa as the Ottawa Granite Guy, the owner Vasile delivers real value to your home. Making him your supplier of choice, you are getting the best bang for your buck plus a whole lot more: quality workmanship, reliability, a local craftsman who stands behind his product. Here you are not paying for a fancy showroom, as a matter of fact, his little shack is anything but fancy, instead you are getting a quality product at an unbelievable price, starting at only  $50 per square foot – installed, finished with rounded edges, cutouts and all, and installed – a real bargain. His workmanship is second to none. Most of his granite kitchen counters come with a FREE under-mount stainless steel sink, and his bathroom vanity counters sold at the same price include the rounded edges, sink and faucet cutouts, and certainly, the installation.

The color selection will accommodate the most discriminating taste and imagination while Vasile’s creative vision will implement a design that will best compliment your existing décor. That is what made him a supplier of choice for many local cabinet makers who use his product to give the kitchens they provide the stunning finishing touch.

For anyone looking to save money while ensuring the quality product which you will be proud to display before your family and friends – Kanata Granite is an obvious choice. Will it be yours?

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Choosing your best options for Granite Countertops in Ottawa


By The Ottawa Granite Guy

If you are ready to choose the highest quality countertop’s for your kitchen, bathroom or high-use countertop areas, granite countertops  are to easy find in Ottawa , if you know exactly what to look for.

Granite is perfect for countertops. The reason is it’s profoundly durable nature, augmented by pristine beauty. Upgrade with granite in bathrooms and bars. This will add value and elegance to the family home.

Explore multiple points such as color, finish, edges and thickness. To make the smartest choices, you must understand a few details.

Follow these 5 Simple Steps When to Buying Granite Countertops in Ottawa:

  1. Look for a granite installation company that offers free in-home estimates. You can even schedule several to compare prices. At Kanata Granite our goal is to give you the highest quality stone for the lowest price.
  2. Remember to ask for granite samples and pictures of completed work. Don’t forget to ask for customer references.
  3. Choose colors compatible with your home décor. Granite is a natural stone, color variation is common. Granite countertops will not necessarily look like showroom samples.
  4. Understand that granite has imperfections. This affects structural integrity. This fine stone hosts natural pits and hairlines that add to it’s natural beauty.
  5. Decide on your sink style. Choosing a drop-in or under-mount sink means the granite fabricator will charge extra for required stone cuts. It’s important to purchase your sink before work begins so it can be properly fitted.

Other points to consider:
Decide the type of edges you need. Standard choices include half-bullnose and bevel. Ask your Ottawa granite countertop fabricator to custom design your edges. Edges can match cabinet detail or other architectural features of your home.
Request your fabricator to install seamless granite countertops.  Granite seams are visible. This is why many pay extra for seamless fabrication. Many granite workers will place seams near sinks. This minimizes their appearance. This will eventually damage the grout due to water exposure.
When choosing thickness: Granite countertops are usually referred to as 2 or 3 cm., or ¾ to 1 inches. 3-cm granite countertops may be more expensive to buy. This is because they are stronger and more attractive, especially since 2-cm granite countertops require plywood supports and laminate edges for added sturdiness.

  • Granite fabricators will seal your granite. Reseal surfaces every few years. This provides protection from stains and other damage. Also use cutting boards– prevent  heavy blows on top of your granite countertops.


  • And your final tip: Visit Kanata Granite for the best price and the best workmanship in Ottawa- GUARANTEED

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